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This is about
feeling good

We believe that when you take care of how you look, it can have an untold positive impact on the way you feel. In fact, for co-founder James, it’s more than a belief. Having started life with a number of skin complaints that caused stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence, he knows first-hand that when you make changes on the outside, you can also change how you feel about yourself inside.

Spending much of his time as a teenager trying, buying and learning about men’s grooming products, he developed a lifelong passion as well as the idea for James + Jake. He imagined a sophisticated brand built for men, which provided the same choice, quality and enjoyment that many beauty companies offer to women. With effective products created specifically for men’s skin and busy lifestyle using only the best ingredients, all packaged and delivered in style.

Almost two decades later James + Jake offers impeccably-put-together grooming goods alongside educated, informative editorial with one simple aim: support every man in the daily quest to feel good about himself.