Essential skincare for a long-hauler


It’s not just your body clock that suffers when you take a long haul flight. Your skin can also feel the effects of a lack of sleep, reduced circulation and hours of re-cycled cabin air. With the right grooming products in your luggage or carry on, you can repair the damage to your face and eyes, enjoy mid-journey moisturising and feel refreshed every time you take the red-eye.

100ml marvels
If you’re taking a commercial flight, the law on liquids means you’ll have to shop around for the right size when it comes to plane-ride products. The good news is there are plenty of 100ml grooming products or smaller creams, sprays and serums by your favourite brands that you can take on board. Our 70ml Major Hydrator is an essential hand luggage-friendly jar. It’s made from lightweight recyclable plastic, so you’ll barely notice it in the bag. Plus, half way through any flight it will deliver much-needed moisture to the skin, helping you arrive at your destination looking dapper, not dry.

Lucked out with lounge access?
If your flight includes a transit stop and you’re lucky enough to be one of the few who turn left boarding the plane, you might want a mid-journey shower. Although most airline lounges will provide shampoos and shower gels, we recommend packing an energising body wash, such as our Out of the Blue Energy Elevating Body Wash, which is awakening and refreshing thanks to natural lemon peel and a hint of black pepper.

Mid-flight refreshment
Mid-way through most long flights cabin fever can start to set in. On the London-LA-New Zealand flight, there aren’t enough TV box sets in the world that can ease the boredom of being in the same seat for 22 hours. Fortunately, with just a couple of products you can hit reset, nourish your skin, feel refreshed and take your mind off the moving map.

Washing in an aeroplane bathroom can be a challenge. But if you’ve got the time and space, cleansing and exfoliating will make your face feel like new. Back at your seat, indulge in a serum or oil to lock in moisture and protect against the relentless air conditioning.

Before final approach
After breakfast is served, head to the bathroom to ensure you’re as presentable as possible for the arrivals hall. Some airlines will provide an adequate toothbrush and toothpaste to tide you over until you check in at the hotel, but you can also take your own.

Treat your face to an instant lift with a cold wash, followed by a cooling gel wash. A spray of deodorant or eau de toilette will wake you up and is essential for your confidence (and the comfort of fellow passengers). We scoured the earth for a refreshing spray deodorant rather than a stick and they’re hard to come by in travel size. So I guess we’ll have to make our own!

Safe travels.

James Hood