The three best ways to apply fragrance

The advice available about when and where you should apply fragrance varies and everyone has their own personal preference. Some say it’ll last longer on your clothes and others claim pulse points are the perfect place. Whether you’re a cologne kind of guy, an eau de toilette chap or opt for a body spray, the following advice will keep you smelling great and ensure you’re complimented on your choice of cologne all day long.

Post-shave splash
Traditionally, men have applied cologne directly to their face after shaving. Today, in our soft-skin-conscious world, that might seem like a harsh thing to do to your face. The alcohol used in neat after shave can be drying to skin, but there are benefits to applying it straight after you’ve taken a razor to your stubble. Usually your skin will be moist from shave cream and washing, which helps to dilute the levels of drying ingredients. And the added water can also help the fragrance linger for longer. If you suffer from dry skin or your skin is red or irritated after a shave, it’s best to avoid this method for applying a cologne.

The all-over scent
An alternative to applying cologne directly to your face is to use a body spray, cream or oil. If you’re heading out for a day at the office, a spray can be used quickly and dries almost instantly, meaning you can throw on your crisply ironed shirt a moment later. Use one, such as Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, on your torso, arms and neck before you dress and the scent will be picked up all day long. For a more relaxed day or evening, or if it’s date night, an oil has the benefit of moisturising your skin at the same time - and will mean you smell irresistible till dawn.

Pulse points
The wrists and neck have long been a preference when it comes to applying fragrance. By choosing areas of the body that are exposed when you’re fully clothed your fragrance can’t be covered up or masked. Choose your favourite cologne or eau de toilette and spray liberally on your neck, ideally before you dress, as well as your wrists and forearms. Then get ready for the compliments to come in.

James Hood