Saving face: Our good-shave guide

Looking for the perfect shave? Follow this advice daily and you’ll reduce dryness, redness or breakouts as well as protecting and nourishing your skin in the long term.

Start with a shower
If you tend to shave first thing in the morning before heading out, start with a hot shower. Warmer water can soften your beard, making it smoother and less painful when you use the razor.

Refresh your razor
You’re probably familiar with the numerous options available when it comes to razors. Whether you go for one blade or four, the best a man can get or a plastic disposable, there is one essential requirement for a decent shave – that your razor is regularly replaced. The ideal period for which you should use any razor daily is just two or three weeks. Understandably, it’s not easy to remember to replace your razor this frequently. But a minimum of once a month will ensure your blade stays sharp and your shave stays close and clean.


Apply product liberally
Gels, creams or foams are all popular options for shaving and you should choose the right one for your skin type. But whichever you choose, apply plenty to your face before shaving. Dryness is your skin’s enemy when shaving. So splash your face with warm water, then apply a good palm-full of product.

One, two, three, rinse
To avoid the build up of stubble and shaving cream on your razor, rinse with hot water after every two or three strokes. The high temperature will help to open up your pores and lift any stubborn hairs, but it will also destroy the bacteria that can lead to spots and blemishes.

Post-shave priority
Daily shaving can take it’s toll on the condition of your skin. Make sure you replenish the lost moisture caused by your razor with a post-shaving moisturiser. Strictly speaking, the product you choose doesn’t have to be specifically formulated for post shave. Any moisturiser can help calm and clear the skin. But the Kiehl’s post-shave gel contains Aloe Vera, proven to heal damaged skin or cuts, as well as peppermint to cool any burning sensation you might feel and calm down common redness.

James Hood