Skincare on the slopes

Skiing can be an invigorating and fun holiday, but it’s important to take care of your skin both on and off the slopes. At high altitudes your face is exposed to more UV rays than usual. Plus sub-zero temperatures can lead to dryness, redness and generally damaged skin cells. Ensure you pack the following products to help make sure your mind and body are refreshed and repaired when you return.

Pre-ski prep
You might think it’s only on the slopes where you need to be cautious of the sun. But effective skin care begins in your hotel room or chalet, before you even change into your thermals. Use a gentle, neutral face wash in the shower. And avoid products that contain natural citrus extracts, as these can damage the cells in your skin when combined with the sun’s rays.

Daytime sun deflection
High up in the Alps, on the mountains of colorado or wherever you enjoy a ski session, the sun is more dangerous than we’re used to in our daily lives. Powerful UV rays can not only burn your skin, it can cause irreparable damage. Prepare your face first thing by applying a generous amount of sun protector to your face, neck and ears. We recommend using it every day, even if you’re not skiing.

Apre and evening replenishment
Once you’re back after a day of parallel turning through the alpine forests and enjoying a little mid-day beer in the sun, you’ll be ready for a hot shower. The James + Jake Out of the Blue Energy Elevating Body Wash. has an invigorating fragrance and feel. Containing natural citrus and warming notes of black pepper and ginger, it’s perfect for post-ski cleansing as it’s both refreshing and warming.

Overnight repair
We can’t do much to soothe your aching limbs and muscles after a day of careening down the mountains. But we can recommend you replenish the lost moisture from your skin. The cold temperatures and excessive sweat can lead to depleted moisture levels, so it’s important you top them up regularly during your winter vacation. Try the James + Jake Skin Saviour Replenishing Body Moisturiser with hydrating aloe and soothing jojoba.

James Hood