Your secret weapon for better skin


They’re often associated with our food and drink; mixed into the occasional cocktail or squeezed over our dover sole in a nice restaurant. But did you know that lemons can have major benefits for your skin’s overall health?

Vital ingredient
Rich in vitamin C, the yellow citrus fruits deliver a dose of antioxidants to the body, which means they help to combat the effects of free radicals that cause ageing. It is also thought that vitamin C is the only antioxidant to promote collagen production, which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance.

C for cleansing
In order for your skin to look and feel its best, your body needs to be in good working order. That means having a balanced diet and consuming the vitamins and minerals that your internal organs thrive on. The liver in particular can have a direct effect on your complexion, because its purpose is to flush and filter toxins from your body. Lemons aide liver health by adding vital vitamin C into your system. Add a little to some hot or cold water in the morning and both your liver and your skin will thank you for it.

Bacteria be gone
Although the best way to incorporate lemons into a good skincare routine is to add them to your water or diet, you can in some cases apply lemon juice topically. Bear in mind that you need to be certain you don’t suffer from sensitive skin and always do a patch test on a small area first. But generally speaking, the acidity and vitamin C in lemons will work wonders for cleansing and clearing your skin. It is after all, a natural way to remove some of bacterias which can lead to acne. Applying to your face for cleansing can be particularly helpful if you are allergic or hypersensitivity to some of the synthetic ingredients on the market. Trying diluting lemon juice in water to soften the intensity and use it as a mild, more natural face wash.

Remember: No citrus in the sun
Our advice is always to avoid any type of citrus, such as lemons, oranges or limes on the skin prior to going out in the sun. This is because the acidic nature of citrus accelerates the effects of UVA and UVB rays, causing it to burn. Just make sure you’re staying out of the sun if you want to use natural vitamin C, citrus fruits or lemon juice to cleanse the skin or brighten your complexion.

James Hood