Meet the must-have Japanese anti-ageing oil

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With a busy life it’s easy to forget that external factors influence the condition of your skin, especially if you live in a city. You probably follow a decent diet to help you look healthier on the outside. While exercise keeps you healthy on the inside, and stimulates circulation and moisture on the skin’s surface, giving a more even, hydrated glow. But protecting our skin topically from free radicals such as smoggy air, UV light, dirt, air conditioning, and general pollution is often neglected - and yet these are key factors in the causes of skin ageing.

Cue camellia oil, a little-known ingredient in skincare that can solve a range of problems associated with dull, dirty and tired looking skin. The oil is packed with antioxidants, which are known to counteract the pollutants our skin encounters every day. They include vitamins A and B, as well as fatty acids like Omega 3 which help the skin stay bouncy and looking fresh. Crucially, Camellia Oil contains a high dose of Vitamin E, one of the top properties for hydrated, soft and nourished skin.

Because it does such a good job of targeting the pollutants that age the skin, products containing camellia oil provide a more natural way to keep your skin healthy and looking younger. Using a camellia oil moisturiser daily will hydrate and protect the skin from everything it encounters during the day. You can even apply it overnight to absorb slowly, gently and nourish until morning.

The oil can be recognised under three names, all of which are a variation of the Japanese plant. These are camellia japonica, camellia oleifera and camellia sinesis.

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James Hood