6 ways to stay skin safe in summer

Photo credit: Alex Shut-in

Photo credit: Alex Shut-in

At James + Jake we believe the sun is essential for the health of our body, soul and skin. The melting hot planet which sustains all life here on Earth delivers vital Vitamin D, known to help our bones absorb calcium and promote the general health of our immune systems. As skin experts we also know it can have a positive effect on the outer layers of our skin, often clearing up milder cases of eczema and other skin complaints.

Vitamin D is not like other vitamins. It can’t be consumed orally in our food or drink, and once it has been absorbed by the skin it is also depleted quickly until it is replenished. So it’s a good idea to get some moderate exposure to the sun at regular intervals during our lifetime. The challenge is knowing how much is the right amount for you and your skin. As we all know, too much can be devastating to our health, and burnt skin is both uncomfortable and harmful, known to have the potential to lead to cancer. So the following tips will help you maintain healthy skin during the summer months or enjoy a relaxed vacation while also protecting yourself from the sun’s rays.

Know your UVs
You probably know the importance of sun protection in the form of SPF creams and sunscreens, so we’ve omitted the obvious advice to cake on the Factor 50 from our list. But did you know there are two types of UV rays to watch out for? UVA penetrates deep into the skin, beyond the upper or outer layers. It is responsible for changing the structure of your skin from deep within and is considered to have the most significant impact on skin elasticity and ageing. UVB hits the skin directly on its surface and is what causes burning. So we recommend a sunscreen that protects you against both UVA and UVB rays.

Let it sink in
Sunscreens and creams don’t work immediately. You should apply yours about 30 minutes before you head out into the sun, giving your skin time to absorb the protective cream. And keep applying throughout the day, especially if you get sweaty or spend your summers in and out of the water.  

Hats on to you
Burning on your first day of a vacation tends to put a dampener on proceedings (no to mention inviting incessant ridicule from your friends). It leads to discomfort, pain, redness and usually means you have to limit your time in the pool or outside. Hats such as a fedora or baseball cap work wonders for shielding your scalp, forehead and face from harsh sunlight. They are essential if you have thinner hair or a higher hair line. Pack one in your suitcase before jetting off somewhere hot and use it whenever you’re in direct sunlight.   

Hydrate inside and out
Hydrated skin is healthy skin. So make sure you drink the recommended amount of water each day. And keep your skin treated on the outside with a hydrating cream. Remember that although sea water can be beneficial, by delivering vital minerals to the skin, it can also amplify the sun’s rays once your body is wet. So dry off quickly and reapply any sunscreen after you’ve been in for a dip.

No way, midday
A tan makes us all look a little healthier. But laying for hours at a time in the midday sun is simply not worth the risk. The sun is at its hottest between about 12 midday and 3pm. So avoid this time of day if you can. The ‘golden hour’, as it’s frequently referred to, from about 4.30pm provides those golden rays of warmth from the sun without the harsh burn. If you are dead set on sunbathing, organise your excursions, tours and cathedral visits during the day then head back to cool off by the pool late afternoon, when the sun is at its safest.

Say no to citrus
Natural citrus or essential oils made using citrus extract and zest can damage the skin in the sun. The acidity can cause burning when warmed up by UV rays. So avoid any products that contain natural orange zest, lemon peel, grapefruit to keep your skin in the best condition will on vacation.

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